IC- Innovation in Biomedical

When conventional methods are incapable of delivering answers in the field of medicine, today’s medical professionals are often called upon to innovative and develop new ways of offering hope to those in need. IC-Innovation Biomedical initiates and delivers innovative application and solutions within the medical sector. This includes Bioceramic for bone’s defect treatments, Wound Management, Craniofacial Services, Orthopedic and Dental Implants.

With re-constructive surgery being a delicate art, medical professionals are now capable of meeting the challenge of treating patients without substantial destruction to human tissue. It also comes with the prospect of offering aesthetically pleasing results.


IC-Innovation Biomedical at a glance

  • Craniofacial Technology
  • Patient Specific Implants
  • Development of Bioceramics & Biocomposites
  • Custom made calcium phosphate compositions
  • Polymeric Wound Management

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