A made-in-Malaysia medical innovation is set to spread its wings across the globe. 


GranuMaS® hit the Malaysian marketplace in 2010 under GranuLab (M) Sdn Bhd, the sole licensee of the innovation. Today, a little over three years down the road, the product has been well received in the local market and is geared for widespread commercialisation. 

In 2000, SIRIM’s Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMREC) pioneered research & development for the making of synthetic bone or bone graft substitutes for surgical applications called GranuMaS®. A granular synthetic bone graft material made from Hydroxyapatite, it has a similar chemical composition to human bone mineral, making it an excellent option for bone defect repairs.

GranuMaS® uses pure chemicals and local limestone for calcium and phosphate sources, thus reducing its overall cost. The benefits of this synthetic bone include:

  • ample availability
  • no risk of transmission of diseases from other donor human bone
  • no immune rejection problems
  • no religious (Halal) or other ethical issues

It is certainly making headway in the Malaysian medical field with GranuLab successfully securing the government central contract recently, a commendable feat that will see the company supplying to hospitals in the country for two years.

Nevertheless, the company has its sights set farther than just our own shores. Its main target is to go international, especially in the ASEAN region. The company is confident that being a wholly Malaysian brand is a selling point as Malaysia has established a good reputation especially in regions like the Middle East and ASEAN.

The product is also reasonably priced. Imported synthetic bone typically used in hospitals can cost about RM1,500 per cm3. GranuMaS® is able to keep its cost relatively low, using locally sourced materials such as limestone that can be found in abundance here. A modulated system is used in its production which can be added on according to market requirements and demands.

Mark of Approval

GranuLab, together with SIRIM, has also managed to attain the CE marking for GranuMaS® recently, a necessary development that will pave a smoother path for the company to expand the product’s market reach across international waters. Next, the company is preparing to get certification from the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).



Established in 2005, GranuLab (M) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Sindora Berhad (member of Johor Corporation). It has been granted sole licensing rights to commercialise GranuMaS® by SIRIM, and has since set up a medical grade plant for its production.

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