Tasked with the core role of research and development of advanced materials, SIRIM's Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMREC) has plenty to offer the oil and gas industry. 

amrec services

Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment as well as a dedicated team of researchers and professional technical specialists, AMREC not only carries out research works, but also offers comprehensive technical services and consultancy.


AMREC is the national advanced materials research entity and has the strategic role of nucleating and championing development of indigenous materials technology.

amrec AMREC focuses on alternative materials, such as advanced polymer composites, which offer numerous properties that are advantageous to the oil and gas industry in terms of strength, weight as well as resistance to corrosion and erosion, to name a few.  

As an example, ceramic hard coating is being developed to enhance wear-resistance properties of oil and gas parts. This coating will prevent corrosion and improve the lifespan of these parts. With corrosion being a primary problem faced by oil and gas players, AMREC also conducts corrosion evaluation tests such as salt spray and anode passivity tests as part of its wide array of technical services.

AMREC also have the capabilities to determine the lifespan of various oil and gas components with periodic microstructure testing. The process involves onsite visits, replication works and laboratory studies.

In addition to its highly specialised expertise, SIRIM AMREC is supported by high-tech facilities. Some of the testing and characterisation work can be done in Malaysia instead of companies having to outsource these tasks to overseas testing laboratories.

 The x-Ray photoelectron measures the elemental composition within a material


In the Spotlight

With AMREC fast gaining recognition among oil and gas industry players, one promising area that has come to light is its capabilities in engineering materials.

For example, SIRIM has the localisation and re-engineering capabilities in the development of a natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel storage tank made from carbon fibre composite materials that is more lightweight compared to conventional metal fuel tanks, and will encourage better fuel efficiency.

SIRIM has also been exploring with Petronas vendors as well as oil and gas local universities to identify potential development of new and improved materials for parts and components.

 Development of NGV fuel storage tank is now possible
Other Projects:
  • SIRIM also develop parts and components based on composite technology, and are currently working together with Universiti Teknologi Petronas to develop composite pipes.
  • SIRIM’s collaboration with NanoMalaysia Berhad and SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd to establish a nano-verification scheme for nano products, whereby AMREC is tasked with the testing and verification of the products.
Expanding Capabilities

As the nation moves toward the localisation of parts and components for the oil and gas industry, SIRIM through AMREC in turn looks forward to more collaborative efforts with the major oil and gas players as well as local vendors in terms of providing the necessary technology and expertise.

Ultimately, we hope that our capabilities, particularly in these focused areas, will in turn enable the local players to develop their capabilities and realise their ideas.