In tandem with the growth of the oil and gas industry, SIRIM has expanded its expertise to include services related to oil and gas, and has been steadily building a reputation in this sector in the past decade.

SIRIM offers a wide range of services that are relevant to the oil and gas industry, including conceptual design, machining, testing and calibration, quality systems, failure analysis and training in welding. These services, coupled with the role as a standards organisation has made SIRIM a natural choice for oil and gas companies.
SIRIM’s involvement in the development of parts and components for the oil and gas sector benefits from it expertise in modelling, engineering analysis, digitising, prototyping and small lot production through machining and foundry works to develop parts and components that would otherwise have to be imported. It has also ventured into R&D and new product development for the replacement or enhancement of parts and components for the upstream and downstream activities.
SIRIM’s present focus includes enhancing its engineering capabilities and collaborating with local vendors in particular to pursue new innovations and help boost their profile in the process.
This is an area that typically requires huge monetary investment, something that small and medium enterprises might not be able to do, and in fact many of the larger companies may also choose to shy away from, preferring to subcontract the relevant projects out.
This is where SIRIM plays an important role in providing the stepping stones to help move the country’s oil and gas industry forward, by working with vendors, especially small and medium enterprises, in localising the manufacture of parts and components such as piping valves – from design and development right up to testing.
It was around two years ago when SIRIM had one of its biggest breakthroughs in the industry that resulted in a heightened awareness of its capabilities among industry players, a vendor of Petronas had approached SIRIM to develop Y-Tee joints for the piping system of gas refineries in Bintulu, Sarawak.
Together with the vendor, SIRIM designed and manufactured the joints using a foundry process, successfully producing a prototype that met the necessary requirements. This success placed them within the line of sight of Petronas, which then approached them and is currently collaborating with them to identify other potential areas of parts and components localisation.

Championing Local Innovations

In that respect, SIRIM does not view itself as an industry competitor per se. Instead, it complements the innovation endeavours of the vendors. Its core business in technology encompassing research and development and consultation as well as technology development and transfer has the necessary facilities and capabilities to work together with vendors to improve their current products or develop new products.
SIRIM’s recent collaboration with Petroclamp Sdn Bhd (Petroclamp) is an example. Helmed by a group of entrepreneurs with professional backgrounds in oil and gas, Petroclamp had come up with an innovative solution for clamping equipment, but it did not have the necessary facilities to realise the idea.
SIRIM then worked with Petroclamp to come up with the design and prototype. The equipment was tested by the relevant oil and gas companies and proved to be successful.
Buoyed by the success of this project, SIRIM hopes to be able to continue to facilitate the growth of local parts and components manufacturers in this field.

Optimistic Outlook

When it comes to oil and gas, there is one direction that SIRIM can move – forward, by  continuously collaborating with local players to work on parts and components for both local and overseas markets.
The upcoming Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) in Johor will also see the expansion of SIRIM’s capabilities in participating in and offering its expertise to the project, and consequently, its name within the oil and gas industry.