Environmental Technology


The Environmental technology Research Centre (ETRC), focuses on environmental related research and technologies. The 3 major technological focus areas are Product Safety & Hazard Assessment, Environment Management and Pollution Abatement.

Research Focus Areas

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Product Safety and Hazard Assessment

 No.  Key Services  Description of Services  Target Industries
Good Laboratory Practice
Integrated GLP Studies for Product Registration:
  •  Health Hazard
  •  Effects on Biotic Systems
  •  Degradation & Accumulations
  •  Physical Chemical Properties
  •  Industrial chemicals
  •  Pesticides
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Cosmetics
2. Chemical & Health Risk Assessment
  •  Chemical Risk Assessment
  •  MSDS Development
  •  Industrial chemicals
  •  Pesticides
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Cosmetics

Environment Management

No. Key Services Description of Services Target Industries
1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  •  LCA Applications
  •  Carbon Footprinting (CFP)
  •   All industries
2.  Criteria Development for Environmental Labelling and Declaration
  •  Development of Type 1 Ecolabelling Criteria
  •  Development of Type 3 Environmental Declaration (CFP’s product category rules)
  •   All industries
3. Environmental Database
  •  All industries
  •  Energy  & Renewable Energy related industries


 Pollution Abatement

No. Key Services Description of Services Target Industries
1. Pollution Abatement Treatment
  •  Environmental Analysis / Testing
  •  Biological Odour Treatment
  •  Photocatalytic Treatment
  •  Anaerobic Digestion
  •  Chemical Treatment
  •  All industries
2.  Waste Characterisation & Management
  •  Industrial Waste / Hazardous

  •  Waste Characterisation

  •  Recycling / Reuse of Industrial Waste

  •  All industries

Environmental Monitoring & Assessment

  •  Ambient & Workplace Monitoring

  •  Water & Waste Water Sampling

 All industries

Environmental Technology Verification

  •  Performance Evaluation

  •  Process Simulation & Verification

  •   All industries


 EcoMaterial Technology

No. Key Services Description of Services Target Industries
1. Fish Aggregating Devices (Coral Substrate)
  •  Technology Development
  •  Materials & Formulation Study
  •  Material Processing
  •  Product Design, Model & Mould Making
  •  Product Prototyping
  •  Fabrication & Installation
  •  Testing (Physical, Mechanical & Firing Test)
  •  Government Ministries & Agencies (MOSTI, KKLW, MOA, MOTOUR)
  •  State Governments
  •  Resort owners
  •  Ceramic related industries
2.  Ceramics & Eco-materials
  •  Technology Development
  •  Materials & Formulation Study
  •  Material Processing
  •  Product Design
  •  Product Prototyping
  •  Testing (Physical, Mechanical & Firing Test)
  •  Training

  •  Government Ministries & Agencies (MOSTI, KKLW, MOA)
  •  State Governments
  •  Resort owners
  •  Ceramic related industries

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Environmental Technology Research Centre
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Environmental technologies offer a new management process for minimising the ecological impacts of economic production while enhancing the competitiveness of firms. One of SIRIM's primary responsibilities is to help businesses adopt environmentally-friendly technologies and practices by finding ways to reduce carbon emissions.


SIRIM conducts strategic research and development of innovative technologies that support national economic growth by finding ways to mitigate climate change and ensure a clean environment. Our renewable energy and environmental protection services are accepted globally, and are divided into four priority areas.

  • Energy generation
  • Energy storage
  • Eco-product development
  • Environmental technologies


We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to our technological solutions, which integrate our various platform technologies. Whatever your market sector, we source the necessary domain competencies to serve your requirements.

Our research revolves around:


Environmental Technologies

As a leading centre of environment technology research, SIRIM is constantly finding new ways to better understand and mitigate the impact of industry on our environment. Our experts help businesses balance economic growth with environmental accountability.

  • Cleaner Production
  • Pollution Abatement/Treatment
  • Waste Management (including Waste Characterisation)
  • Performance Monitoring of Anaerobic Digesters
  • Environmental Technology Verification


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