• The champion of quality
  • A national research and technology development organisation
  • A vehicle for technology transfer


  • To enhance public and industrial welfare, health and safety
  • To promote and undertake scientific industrial research:
       - Improving technical processes and methods
       - Discovering new processes and methods
       - Encouraging the utilization of Malaysian products
       - Adopting or adapting technology developed in other countries for use in Malaysia
  • To provide industrial extension and consultative services to assist industry in meeting standard
  • To improve production processes and technique

Value Proposition

With our wide range of products and services in quality and technology innovation, combined with our unique knowledge of blending the two synergistically, we will be able to improve the productivity of enterprises sharply to a level that they are globally competitive

Quality Policy

We are committed to delight our customers by providing quality and value-added services                                           

Corporate Values

We shall strive to deliver the best to our internal and external customers

  • Customer Focus - we focus on delivering excellence to our customers
  • Integrity - we practice the highest standards of integrity
  • Teamwork - we achieve success through dedication, commitment and teamwork