Continuous Medical Education (CME) on Synthetic Bone Construct (SBC) in Hospital Sg. Buloh

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Continuous Dental Education (CDE) on GranuMaS in Hospital Pulau Pinang

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Seminar on ISO 14001 Environmental Management System & ISO 45001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System for Oil and Gas Industry

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Granumas – Hydroxyapatite Granular Bone Graft

GranuMaS is an osteoconductive granular synthetic bone graft material based on calsium phosphate hydroxyapatite. It is an excellent alternative material for the repair of bone defects due to the hydroxyapatite that is currently being used as a bioactive coating on many surgical and dental implants such as in the Dental, ENT, Orthopaedics and Maxillofacial specialties.

Synthetic Bone Construct (SBC) – Custom-made Bone Construct

SBC is a custom-made bone construct to treat segmental bone defects or injuries either due to trauma or non-union cases or even diseased bones. Moreover, it is an osteoconductive and biodegradable synthetic bone construct from calcium phosphate-based materials (>50%). The main composition of SBC is the combination of Tri-calcium phosphate and Tetra-calcium phosphate materials; which are highly resorbable. SBC will be prepared in powder form and can be shaped into solids of various shapes and sizes via moulds.

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