HARD STEEL. PERFECT FINISH. SIRIM’s new Tool & Cutter Grinder machining workstation can now produce precision cutting and milling tools that are more complex and precise than ever beforeTo understand just how challenging it is to make such a tool, imagine a surface so fine and so smooth that a single strand of hair lying flat on it would seem like a four-storey building in the middle of an open field. Now, imagine trying to fashion that surface out one of the hardest metals known to man. That is the kind of challenge the TCG 8 was built for. [more]





PROSPECTUS: Request for Proposals
PROSPECTUS: Marketing Agent for Biocomposite Products (Floors and Decks) TCC/043/11/003
PROSPECTUS: Strategic Partnership for Commercialisation of SIRIM Biocomposite Technology TCC/043/11/004
PROGRAM: Program Pembangunan Teknousahawan (TDP-CoT) / Technopreneur Development Program 2014
CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Industrial Technology (ISSN 0128 - 4940), Volume 22/2014
PRESS RELEASE: SIRIM Beri Penghormatan Terakhir Kepada Mangsa MH17 
PRESS RELEASE: SIRIM Offers Four Technology Products to Local Industries
NEWS: 15% produk boleh membunuh – Harian Metro, 6 Ogos 2014
NEWS: SIRIM unveils first-in-the world training model and Recognition Schemes



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