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SIRIM Berhad has vast experience and command a respectable position in the design and packaging industry. SIRIM has developed a complete solution that is, "from concept to delivery". We simplify the process. SIRIM has built excellent partnerships with entrepreneurs and strive to perform beyond their expectations.


With SIRIM, SME’s will have a partner in industry that is reliable, knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of designing and manufacturing high-quality packaging products.

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Security Design Solutions

Security Design services integrate printing technology together with track and trace solutions to safeguard products against counterfeiters. This technology is especially crucial today as competition within businesses has contributed to significant rise in counterfeits, piracy, and forgeries of products in open market. SIRIM’s Packaging and Security Design Centre provide security design solutions for identification cards, passports, marriage certificates, product originality certificates and tags, labels, asset protection and safety and health protection.

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Through Human Capital Transformation Development and Understanding Business Ethics process, this integrated business programme focuses on educating entrepreneurs in product appearance or impression, as well in making a competitive business planning and to be decisive.

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Pre InnoPack is an integrated programme towards the empowerment and development of entrepreneurs (Preparation or Pre Level). It helps to identify, design and assist entrepreneurs towards creating innovative and competitive ideas on packaging design which is in accordance with the Labeling Act and Regulations.

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GreenPack is an awareness programme on packaging that supports environmental conservation, especially for the food industry and consumer products. This program provides exposure to green technology involving the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials and features the following elements:

  • Minimize degradation effect to the environment
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon
  • Safe to use
  • Provide healthy impact and improve the environment
  • Energy and natural resources conservation
  • Encourage the use of renewable energy

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