The Ultimate Cutting Tool: The Tool And Cutter Grinder (TCG8)

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Lighting The Way For Men Of The Sea: Solar Panel Lights

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The World's first natural gas from palm oil mill effluent - SIRIM BioNG

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Environment’s Stalwart Preserver: The  Anaerobic Digester

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Sweetening The Deal: Kelulut Integrated Information System (KIIS)

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CSR: Beach Cleaning at Segari Turtle Sanctuary

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Breath Analyzers calibration

When drinking, the alcohol you consume gets absorbed into the blood stream. By testing the percentage of alcohol in a person’s blood - known as the “blood alcohol concentration” or “BAC”-their level of intoxication can be easily gauged. Because blood tests are difficult and time consuming to perform outside of a medical facility, many people rely on breath analysers to calculate blood alcohol content by measuring the breath alcohol content (BrAC). The BAC and BrAC are related because of the proximity of the air in the lungs to a network of capillaries.

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FRIDAY, 26​​ JUNE ​2020


SME's Towards Industry 4.0

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MONDAY, 1 JUNE​​ ​2020


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

MONDAY, 1 JUNE​​ ​2020​

Memastikan Ketulenan Logam Perak​

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How SMEs Can Start the Journey Towards Industry 4.0

A company can start with improvement of its production processes with appropriate operational technologies and lean management concept. From mechanisation to automation and later towards digitalisation, a company must decide what would be its end goal before finding out the technological options available for use. More oftenly, companies need to be convinced or test run solutions before they can operate with its full implementation.

Companies are recommended to use lean principles and tools to reduce operational complexity and improve productivity. The lean approach provides the foundation for operational excellence by standardising processes, instilling a culture of continuous improvement, reduce waste and empowering workers on the shop floor.

SIRIM has an initiative to transform Malaysian manufacturing SMEs towards Industry 4.0 through its Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Smart Manufacturing. Based on a collaborative model, the CoE on Smart Manufacturing integrates existing expertise in SIRIM and Malaysia in particular, and among nations generally to develop the technological solutions needed by the Malaysian manufacturing companies to achieve the goals and targets under the Industry4WRD policy.

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