Security Design

Security Design services integrate printing technology together with track and trace solutions to safeguard products against counterfeiters. This technology is especially crucial today as competition within businesses has contributed to significant rise in counterfeits, piracy, and forgeries of products in open market.

SIRIM’s Packaging and Security Design Centre provide security design solutions for identification cards, passports, marriage certificates, product originality certificates and tags, labels, asset protection and safety and health protection.


Track and Trace Technology

Today’s counterfeiters use modern technology to create sophisticated forgery or fakes, making it critical fort organisations to use combinations of covert, overt, forensic, track and trace solutions to maintain control, verification and authentication. Embedded RFID systems and nanotechnologies allow businesses to embed smart microchips into documents and product packaging to make them easier to track, trace and use RFID technology that can help to prevent pilferage or product misdirection.

Our Solutions for Your Applications

i. Covert and Overt Technologies - By designing overt and covert features of your document and products, you will be ahead of the counterfeiter and stop them from walking away with your profit.


ii. Guilloche Pattern - An ornamental pattern formed by two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design. They are made with a geometric lathe by providing an additional layer of security against illegal copying.


iii. Micro Text - This is an extremely small text and is most often used on bank notes and cheques. The text is generally small enough to be indiscernible to the naked eye.


iv. Quick Response Code (QR Code) - With greater storage capacity in encoding data and readable from any direction compared to conventional bar codes, the systems are the new trademark in product tracking, item identification, time tracking and document management.


v. Security Papers and Substrates - Security paper incorporates features that can act to identify or authenticate a document as original, e.g watermarks or invisible fibers in paper, or features that demonstrate tamper evidence when fraud is attempted. Heat Sensitive Ink - This security ink is used as a temperature indicator. It will disappear or change colour at different temperature range.

Variety Application
  • High Security Government and corporate Documents
  • Certificates
  • Security label and tag
  • Brand Asset protection
  • Safety and Health Protection
Security Printing Techniques:
  • Watermarking, etching and engraving
  • Colour-changing inks and fluorescent dyes
  • Self-voinding labels and stickers
  • Frangible and peelproof security labels
  • Pilfer detection seals and counterfoils
Security Materials Packaging:
  • Holograms and security threads
  • Tamper-evident packaging
  • Un-resealable packages
  • Single use and reusable security seals

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