BIOGAS (SimbionTeA)

Food waste (FW) disposal has been a persistent problem in the solid waste management of many countries. SIRIM’s solution is an anaerobic digestion (AD) system that will divert food waste (FW) from being disposed in landfills and instead produce two beneficial products namely biogas that can be used as fuel, and biofertiliser for gardens and landscapes. SIRIM’s technology known by its trade name SimbionTeA (SIRIM Biogas & Tenaga Alternatif) was first installed at Pusat Biomass Bersepadu, Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya. When operated at full capacity of 500kg FW/day, it will be able to generate about 5 kW electricity.

List of Integrated Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Studies offered for Product Registration:

BIOGAS (SimbionTeA)

Associated Services:

  • Waste composition analysis
  • Biomethane potential assessment of organic waste
  • Treatability and feasibility studies for upscaling of treatment systems
  • Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for evaluation of waste management options
  • Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) of treatment technologies
  • Engineering design for other organic treatment systems (besides food waste)
  • Biogas upgrading

BIOGAS (SimbionTeA)

Potential Market:

SIMBionTeA is emerging as a popular technology to process organic waste under resource recovery concept by converting solid organic waste to energy and biofertiliser. The potential markets include:

  • Food processing industry
  • Local authorities who practice waste segregation
  • Market place
  • Agricultural industry
  • Any premise where degradable organic waste is generated

BIOGAS (SimbionTeA)

Renewable Energy

  • Solar thermal/panel
  • Solar Process Heat
  • Solar PV
  • Biomass gasification
  • Micro Hydro
  • Wind Energy

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