IC-Innovation in Sensor

In a world where technology has shown its presence in almost every aspect of lifer, the development of sensor technology is certainly moving in tandem with global trends in spurring inroads into areas where once considered unimaginable.

IC-Innovation Sensor spearheads developing products and services through sensor technology in the areas of integrated sensing system, photonics and biosensor. Its innovative solutions provide new possibilities in the fields of safety and security, fitness, health monitoring, agriculture, safety and others.



IC-Innovation in Sensor

  • Integrated Sensing System and Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Automated Identification Data Capture (AIDC)
  • File tracking system
  • QR Code System
  • Application for Specialised Solid State Lighting (SSL), optical sensors and LoRa devices for smart systems
  • Microfluidics System for Dengue Serotype Detection, Biosensor devices
  • Smart Packing for Food Safety through chemical detection

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