Please read and understand our Whistleblowing Policy before submitting your disclosure



Policy Statement

In this regard, SIRIM is committed to developing a culture of openness and honesty where a person who is aware of any potential malpractice or misconduct is encouraged to report such matters, in good faith, without fear of retaliation.

This Whistleblowing Policy provides a framework for responsible and secure reporting of concerns about irregularities within SIRIM operations. It is hoped that Whistleblowing can act as an early warning system to avert possible risks of loss or reputation damage to SIRIM.


Objectives of the Policy

The main objectives of the Policy are:

  1. To encourage the Employee to disclose any Improper Conduct that his or her has become aware of;
  2. To provide protection for the Employee who reports allegation of such Improper Conduct; and
  3. To manage disclosure of Improper Conduct in an appropriate and timely manner.


Scope of the Policy

The Policy applies to any Improper Conduct, involving the Employees of SIRIM that affects others, such as other employees, consultants, vendors, contractors, outside agencies or employees of such agencies, and/or any other parties that have a business relationship with SIRIM. Such misconduct or criminal offences include the following:

  1. Fraud;
  2. Bribery;
  3. Abuse of Power;
  4. Conflict of Interest;
  5. Theft or embezzlement and;
  6. Misuse of Company’s Property.;

However, this Policy is not intended to cover matters that are covered by other procedures such as following:

  1. Customer complaints on SIRIM products and services;
  2. Personal grievances concerning the Employee’s terms and conditions of employment, or other aspects of the working relationship, and complaints on bullying or harassment, which are all dealt with under existing procedures on grievance;
  3. Disciplinary matters that are covered under the Group Human Resource Policy and Procedures.;




In the event an employee is unsure whether a particular act or omission constitutes an Improper Conduct under this Policy, the Employee is encouraged to seek advice or guidance from his/her immediate superior, Head, the Integrity Officer or the Head of Group Human Resource. The provisions of this Policy only relate to disclosures made to the appropriate party within SIRIM.


Procedure in Making a Disclosure

All disclosures are to be channelled in accordance with the procedures as provided under this policy.


Protection to Whistleblower

An employee who raises his/her concern under this Policy will not be at risk of losing his/her job or suffering any form of retribution as a result, provided that:

  1. the disclosure is made in good faith;
  2. he/she reasonably believes that the information, and any allegations contained in it, are substantially true;
  3. he/she is not acting for personal gain.;

In order for the Whistleblower to be accorded the necessary protection under this Policy, the Whistleblower would have to reveal his/her identity when making a report. The making of false, frivolous or reckless allegations and the abuse of this whistleblowing mechanism is prohibited, and should it be found that a person had acted in such a manner, the following actions may be considered:

  1. As regards to the Employee, disciplinary action shall be taken against the Employee;
  2. As regards to customers, suppliers, subcontractors or consultants, review of the continuing business relationship.;


SIRIM reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time.



By Order of,

Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil Mohamad Hani FASC, FIEM
President & Group Chief Executive
SIRIM Berhad

Reporting Channel

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