SIRIM has developed new technologies for Pollution Abatement. Pollution Abatement is a term referring to the technologies that are applied or measures taken to reduce pollution impacts on the environment.

The latest technologies developed by SIRIM are photocatalytic treatment system for groundwater or wastewater treatment and food waste digester; SimbionteA. The term SimbionteA stands for “SIRIM Biogas & Alternative Energy”, an in-house brand name for the Anaerobic Digester (AD) technology that was developed by SIRIM’s researchers and engineers.


AD SimbionteA system will be for treating organic wastes from agroindustry, F&B industry, household solid waste, and from other industries. With the treatment, wastes from households, restaurants and others will be reduced, in turn reduce the amount of wastes going to the landfill and will lower greenhouse gas emission. Currently, SIRIM is in the process of expanding this technology deployment to Kuala Lumpur, Lojing, Melaka, and Selangor through the use of other raw materials such crop residues and biodegradable food packaging wastes taken from green food serving premises. The latter is in tandem with programmes under Green Blue Packaging.​


In short, SIRIM provides technologies and solutions for different set of interested parties that share the common goal of preserving and conserving the environment. Additionally, able to conduct technology verification for clients requiring a third party monitoring and verification for their marketed technologies. 

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