SIRIM initiated a pilot project for fishermen through MOSTI Social Innovation Programme, a programme launched with the goals of improving the well-being of the country’s society in mind by implementing life improving projects, services, and trainings. The pilot project was set up in at Bakau Tua jetty, near Kuala Muda in Kedah.

This project was to improve the working environment of the fishermen. As Bakau Tua jetty, the estuary is completely pitch dark after sundown and most of fishermen work then, late at night or in the early hours when it is still dark. The only light source available for the fishermen were lamps powered by their boat engines and flashlights. Both offers limited illumination for the estuary, thus all fishermen were working half blind.


The project was to set up sturdy and rust-proof lamp posts around the jetty. Rust-proof means these lamp posts able to withstand the corrosive and weathering elements from the salty seaside air. The lamp posts are installed with solar panel to absorb energy from the sun during daytime and that energy then will store into the installed lithium ion battery. The solar panel is used as an alternative because the area is out of TNB coverage.

The energy stored within the battery will be used to power the lamp when the fishermen arrived in the area late at night or in the early hours before sunrise. This greatly lighten their burden and smoothen their work as they no longer have to work in half blind condition as the lamp posts illuminate a fair amount of the jetty area.

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