The Backbone of Biotechnology Industrialisation

Bioprocess Technology employs microscopic life as the biological factory for the benefit of mankind. Microorganisms are grown in the controlled environment and fed with substrates such as sugars and palm oil mill’s waste. They transform them into commercially useful biological components such as proteins, platform chemicals, and lipids.


Their high demand either for direct usage or as the building blocks and catalysts for manufacturing all sorts of products in various industries are the driving force behind the Bioprocess Technology Section’s plethora of innovations.

Performing as the backbone of biotechnology, Bioprocess Technology Section is responsible for merging multiple biotechnology related disciplines and translating the laboratory research to the industrial application.


Our Scientific Prowess

In pursuit of the biotechnology industrialisation goal is our repertoire of multi-disciplinary researchers encompassing those with the exceptional specialisations:

  • Microbiology: Selection, characterisation, and maintenance of microorganism strains exhibiting excellent desired traits.
  • Recombinant DNA Technology: Introducing a foreign genetic material into a new ‘recombinant’ organism so that the latter produces desired product in large amount.
  • Metabolic and Genetic Engineering: Altering genetic makeup of an organism that eventually changes its biochemical behaviour.
  • Fermentation Technology: Optimisation of fermentation process condition and scaling up studies.
  • Protein Technology: Identification, purification, quantification, functional and structural analysis of proteins.
  • Analytical Chemistry: Screening, Identification and measurement of target metabolites in a complex mixture

Environmental Degradation and Resources Sustainability

Environmental degradation and resources sustainability are two areas of global concern that are the key problem statements that map the direction of our R&Ds. Human’s domestic waste such as the ubiquitous conventional plastics are destructing the ocean’s ecosystem. Massive open burning of biomass waste from plantation industry spreads toxic pollutants into air and thinning the ozone layer. Illegal or accidental chemical disposals to the environment severely contaminates the soils and waterways with harmful substance. Our researchers firmly hold on these challenges in quest for feasible solutions to save the mother earth and humanity.

Industrially Ready Technologies

Partner up with us to adopt the technologies below.

  • Biological process to produce PHA bioplastics from palm oil mill waste.
  • Chitin from marine source as wound management product.
  • Conversion of lignocellulosic waste to fermentable sugars.
  • Microbial cells as biofertilizer, biopesticide, animal vaccine and bioremediation.
  • Microbial enzymes for industrial use: chitinase, phytase, cellulase.
  • Microbial metabolites: citric acid, lactic acid, succinic acid, bioethanol, biocolourant, antibiotics.
  • Production of transformed compounds: vinegar.

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